Through vigorous research and 'google images', i finally came across a photo that ID'd my anonymous queen ant:


to be the common Black Ant (ochetellus glaber) :


unfortunately, i couldnt find anythin on the net on how to raise them or keep them (most websites were pest-control sites on how to kill them)

so does anyone actually own a live colony or did, or have any good info on this particular species of ants??

i currently hav 2 colonies of this species:

- one has 8 workers, and a bunch of eggs and larvae

- the other has a bunch of eggs and larvae, no workers yet

i'd appreciate any help, cause i'm havin trouble and problems with them.

i recently gave them a new antfarm (instead of their small container) for them to tunnel into, but they're just sitting on the surface

they have at least 8 workers, shouldn't they be digging?

anyway, any help is appreciated image

[added a note about big photos. to the title] --antdude

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